Adoption and Foster Programs
Blue Rose Ranch is dedicated to the rescue, training, and care of horses. We have a variety of programs that provide care and opportunity for our horses, in order that they have a loving “forever” home.

Blue Rose Ranch Adoption Program
Blue Rose Ranch trains and rehabilitates horses to the end that they can be adopted to qualified persons who have qualified facilities. We are looking for “forever” homes for our horses, and it is important to our organization that adoptive owners consider the adoption as a commitment. Horses and potential owners are assessed and matched by our staff, and an adoption fee is required. The adoption fees do not necessarily correspond to the “value” of the horse. Age and training are considered when setting an adoption fee. Qualified horse owners recognize that fees to acquire a horse will be the least expensive part of horse ownership. All adoption fees are utilized to care for other horses at Blue Rose Ranch. Our staff will keep track of our adopted families to ensure that the horses are cared for and that their new owners are happy with the adoption.  Please see our “Adoptive Information” under “Ranch Forms” on this website.
Foster Adoption Program
Occasionally someone visits the Ranch and falls in love with one of our horses, but they live far from the Ranch or do not have facilities to keep a horse. Our Foster Adoption Program is a wonderful way for them to show their love for a horse and to support our organization. People agree to foster a horse, taking over some of the financial obligation required to care for a specific horse, but the horse stays at the Ranch where we provide the care. This frees up funds for Blue Rose Ranch to rescue other unwanted horses. Foster parents receive photos and updates on “their horse” and are encouraged to visit.  Please see our Foster Adoption Agreement under “Ranch Forms” on this website.

Sanctuary Program
The horses we sanctuary are usually older or have a permanent injury, are no longer rideable, and are often companion horses. They are our senior horse citizens. They usually arrive due to a situation such as catastrophic illness in a family, inability of the owner to physically or financially care for the horse, divorce, business failure, foreclosure on the horses’ home, etc. Blue Rose Ranch will care and provide a home for that horse for the rest of its natural life or until its merciful death, should it not be adopted as a companion horse.

Please contact us for more information about any of these programs.

​"The essential joy of being with horses is that it brings us in contact 
with the rare elements of grace, beauty, spirit and freedom."
Sharon Ralls Lemon